The United States Muslim Community and the United States Government working together constructively in enhancing national security and national interests of the United States of America.


Fostering a constructive partnership between the U.S. Muslim Community and the U.S. Government that would enable Muslims to play a positive and patriotic role in the Global War on Terrorism; aligning expectations and goals so as to contribute the Muslim voice and influence to public and political debates and in forging approaches to domestic and foreign policy; charting specific courses of action and conducting specific projects that will establish and enhance informed mutual cooperation between the U.S. Muslim Community and the U.S. Government, enabling the U.S. to make the best use of the American Muslim community's potential for building bridges between the United States and the global Muslim Community.


  • Identify and mitigate factors that currently stand in the way of a constructive partnership between American Muslims and their government,
  • Delineate the assumptions, expectations, and goals of the two groups with a view to informing U.S. foreign policy and public diplomacy with a Muslim perspective; working through mainstream American Muslim organizations, open Track II dialogues with Muslim opinion leaders overseas, especially in the areas of educational reform, political freedom, and humanitarian relief.

  • Define paths of influence through which American Muslims can positively affect the debate over Islam and modernity in the global Muslim community, as well as play a leadership role in the future intellectual and spiritual development of their religious practice,

  • Identify concrete steps toward establishing working partnerships between the Muslim community and their government in pursuit of their common goals of increased US security and improved relations between the United States and Muslim societies abroad.