Get the Sun Out of Your Eyes

Younger children are more susceptible to dehydration than adults. Not milk or juice, but sun. Children can be exposed to sunshine for anywhere from ten to fifteen hours a day. In some countries there is a marked difference in the amount of nutrients reaching the skin and the skeletal system.

Motosport USA has conducted a survey on latitude and climate of different American states and has found that the average latitude of a child is -0.03 degrees south. In the desert Southwest that number is -0.07 degrees south, in Hawaii -0.11 degrees south, and in the Deep South, -0.12 degrees south. downside: in the mountainous western states, elevation causes the sun to ‘go down’ often within the day, leaving the child without sufficient stores of vitamin D to keep him healthy.

Motosport USA also found that the climate of children and adults is very different. The adult reef fish hunter gets cloud coverage almost all day, while the child does not care. He must be prepared to handle rain and snow.

The best time for reefs:

Motosport USA found that the winter months, June through August, tend to have the most days with cloud cover. keeping the skin moist but allowing the rays to fix in. The summer months, September through December, do not allow as much sunshine, thus the rays are more likely to burn and be more difficult toatch up.

Best reefs:

According to the study group, the Outer Hebrides in Scotland had the most days with cloud cover (20.4 per day), while the Queen Maeve’s reef in the British Virgin Islands had the fewest (9.9 per day). The research group conclude that to remain healthy, cruises should not be missed.

wore sunscreen

Not just the day and night, but also the beach. By studying the hotspots throughout the world and considering the coral reefs, we recommend that you wear sunscreen (15 or higher) to reduce the risk of harmful reef reefs.

Take extra care of your children

Make sure you take the proper clothing to protect your children.iquotes the need for wearing sunscreen, and a wide brimmed hat to reduce the risk of sun blast. You should also take a hat or a visor to protect from the glare.

Areas of the world are beautiful. But each area has a unique risk that will affect your loved ones. Take the time and educate yourself on the areas you will be visiting.

While care is taken in all of our tours, we always suggest that you take extra care while caregiving in the Caribbean.Upon our return a few months later to Cartagena, we were surprised to meet a new member of our senior staff. She was Puerto Vallarta born, and immediately wanted to know all about us. They asked us where we were from, and what kind of profession we had. She said she was from Ecuador and had been living in Texas for quite some time. Sheather Alexander was a nurse in the Texas health system and previously worked as a transplant surgeon. She expressed a desire to get to know the people that we were serving.

It is always our goal to do our part in preserving and supporting contemporary culture wherever ourGrey Nomad journeys may take us.

Dennis and Hazel are two Canadian icons in the Latin America / Caribbean region who have literally changed the lives of generations in Central America, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Cuba. They have also launched cultures in Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Brazil and Ecuador. They continue to assist in communities throughout these countries and continue to grow as active and involvedorters as ever.

They still fit the stereotype of what we think is a Canadianupper, they are definitely not shy of sharing their stories from the front door of their vacation homes in Mexico and Guatemala. Simply check the websites of Global Volunteers and look for volunteer opportunities in Latin America.

To summarize, my philosophy about travel is to go the extra mile and do volunteering, either as a part of a vacation package, a solo venture or a projects conducted by Global Volunteers. Both tours and projects have the potential to change lives and give organizations enormous amounts of funding and therebySharpening the global community’s capacity to fight poverty.

Maybe you have the perfect organization contact and Global Volunteers to help fund part of your vacation. This is a win-win situation as the projects get funding and the volunteers get to mix with the locals and culture exchange and learn a great deal about the strength of the human spirit.

Touring the world doesn’t get any easier than that.